"The most important part of any remedy is the PERSON you add it to." ~ LadyB

Lady Barbara's Garden


Gardener probably first, foremost and forever. Herbalist/teacher in her own way for over 40 years. Queen of the Deerticks for 15 years until she became The Teasel Deva and cured herself of Lyme back in 2000. Became a bellydancer at 48 (!) AND a Grandmother at 52, and is now a three-time GrannyB. (greatest gig in the world!) And then, although it really SHOULD be ONE gigantic, life-threatening challenge per customer, she becomes a CancerDancer at 59. And she's re-doing her website at 62 (I'd say that's a tah DAH) Hangin' in, hangin' on, still recovering from a total of SEVEN surgeries. So come on in, the WEEDS are doin' just FINE!